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What are we about?

Breath gives access to Freedom and Ease of Being. Imagine a world where every human being taps in with their breath, knows who they are, feels one with Existence, and is whole, complete, at peace.

Breathwork Freedom is an online breathing circle where human beings already engaged in spiritual and/or healing work are breathing together for Freedom and ease of Being in body and mind, consciousness expansion, nervous system regulation and resolution of trauma.

 By breathing together, we are meeting beyond time, in this space, the eternal now, where we are all the same, Human and Silence, allowing deep releases and transformations for an embodied awakening to feel again connected to the Life current within us and all that we are.

About Me

I am Bindu, certified Breathworker at Alchemy of Breath and Biodynamic Breathwork for Trauma Release (BBTRS) and launched Breathwork Freedom. I have also a 20 years path in meditation in Buddhist and Non Dual Hindu traditions allowing me to develop a grounded Presence while being very familiar and at ease with the functioning of the human mind.

Two years ago, I left my corporate job to dedicate my time to my passion, meditation, and I launched my meditation app. Even if I was doing what I loved, the life of a freelancer can be stressful for the body and the mind. I realized my nervous system was always in the alert fight and flight response and that I was carrying in my body imprints of my stressful western life. That is how I reconnected with the Breath, which was my first meditation tool. 

Since my first breathwork experience, I have been amazed by the power of the breath to release blocked energy and increase wellbeing, as well as being a means to experience a deep inner peace and oneness with Life. This made me realize that breathwork is the doorway to an embodied awakening.

Now, I am supporting people of all ages young and old struggling with stress, anxiety, insecurity and trauma to find freedom in the body and the mind, by knowing who they are beyond the mind. Besides giving individual sessions, I love to hold online group breathwork session with a worldwide awakening beautiful community! This is why I joined Mighty Network - to nurture and grow this precious human community of breathers!

Why Join My Community

- You will know more about the power of the breath and presence in a unique embodied way for freedom in your body and mind.

- You will reconnect to your body in a safe and grounded way.

- You will be inspired to reconnect with your breath, to learn how to breathe to get more life force within you and to have a daily practice.

- You will grow in presence and being in the present moment.

- You will explore consciousness beyond the mind IN the body.

- You will be able to get out of your head and shift your perception from contracted to expanded and reconnect to life flowing into your body.

- You will get back the sense of feeling alive, again connected to the present moment, the eternal now vibrating life, the juice of life!

- You will learn more about your nervous system and how to release physical and mental tensions like stress, anxiety, insecurities and trauma.

- You will get tips, explorations, texts, inspired by my spiritual practices and insights of the last 20 years in Buddhism, Hindu Advaita, Meditation, Breathwork, Trauma Release, Kundalini Yoga and other modalities, such as Somatic Awareness.

- You will be invited to regular online Breathwork sessions and different breathwork programs.

- And you will have the opportunity to be part of an awakening worldwide community exploring consciousness, a community gathered at Essential level, united though the breath allowing deeper self-discovery of who we are as human and consciousness, body and space, density and emptiness.

A Big Thanks

Thank you friends and breathers supporting me in this adventure and showing up on my online breathwork group sessions. You inspired me to move forward and to create this communauty!